Chiesa de Santa Trinita - Florence

Founded by the Vallombrosani monks in the XIth century, the church was at the time outside the Roman remparts. From 1175, it was within the city's walls. With the construction of the Santa Trinita bridge in the XIIIth century, the temple acquired an important role since the monks became its wardens. The church was refurbished with gothic forms during the second half of XIIIth century. In the late XVth century, Buontalenti conducted façade's building (1593), presbytery and convent. The presbytery's staircase is currently in the Santo Stefano al Ponte's church.The façade has a Florentine manneristic style, rather in accordance with the urban environment than the church's interior. The inside was refurbished in the XIXth century to recover its gothic aspect. The Santa Trinita church possesses many Renaissance works of art such as frescos. Inside, the Sassetti chapel was decorated by Domenico Ghirlandaio with magnificient frescos dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. The altar's painting, representing the Adoration of the Shepherds, was made by Ghirlandaio. The church can boast having had the Maestà de Cimabue, today at the Uffizi. In the second chapel on the leftside is the bishop Benozzo Federighi's sepulchre made by Lucca della Robbia in 1454.

Address : Chiesa de Santa Trinita Florence Italy

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