Cerveceria Internacional - Seville

Fancy a beer from the equator? Cerveceria Internacional is for you! The brewery, located in the Arenal quarter of Seville specialises in beer on an international level, which means you have a choice of around 300 different beers from around the world... Why not quench your thirst and discover new flavours. The decor is made up of beer bottles set up everywhere, old posters and tons of beer: the tone is set! However, shots and tapas are also available. The lights shine down from the ceiling illuminating the room, immersing you in a warm atmosphere in the midst of a cosmopolitan clientele.


Monday-Saturday: 12pm to 4pm and 8pm to Midnight.

Address : Calle Gamazo, 3 41001 Seville Spain

Bus : Line C5

Phone : +34 95 421 1717

Web : http://www.cerveceriainternacional.com

Email : cerveceria@cerveceriainternacional.com

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