Casa Mila - Barcelona

The Casa Mila has been registered on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1984. Located in the Manzana de la Discordia (block of discord), thus it was named because of the presence of three edifices realized by three of the best architects of modern Barcelona, Puig i Cadafach, Domènech i Montaner and Gaudi. The casa Mila was ordered by Father Mila to Antonio Gaudi. Father Mila was a ceramic industrialist who desired a monumental residential building. The construction lasted from 1906 to 1912. The result was absolutely singular and imaginative with its undulating façade made of stone. The casa Mila has two inner courts illuminating the nine levelsof the building. Structurally, the most remarkable detail of the Pedrera is the self-supporting façade which do not need any supporting wall except for the staircase. The great openings in the façade makes the building lighter. The terrace reveals once again Gaudi's imaginative talent. The helical forms covered with trencadis (collages of glazed earthenware) reminding of warriors wearing helmets, are striking to the visitors' eyes. From the terrace, you can see three of Gaudi's masterpieces: the Casa Battlo, Sagrada Familia and the Güell park. For the attic, the architect conceived a structure made of parabolic arches. The casa Mila also represents Antonio Gaudi's creative philosophy. It is not only an architectural project but also a real work of art. Elements such as the furniture, the wrought iron balconies, the door and cupboard handles were designed by Gaudi and his colleagues. Gaudi abandonned the construction before its end after a disagreement with the owner about a sculpture representing the Virgin which was to be placed on the façade. It is said that Mila didn't like it and it was never cast in bronze. Other people say that the Milas, afraid because of the Tragic Week in 1909 in Barcelona during which the anarchists had attacked several religious buildings, finally decided not to place the sculpture. Gaudi was deeply disappointed and decided not to bring the project to completion.


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