Carnuntum Archaeological Park - Vienna

The Carnuntum archaeological park is an attraction for the whole family! Experience fascinating tales from the Roman world and see the discovery of a Roman city on the banks of the Danube. Today there are meticulously reconstructed monuments, passionate stories about the old inhabitants and lively festivals where you are invited to discover this early period when a page in the world history books was written at Carnuntum. But that’s not all, the archaeological park is always evolving: you can follow the archaeologists’ work as they rebuild splendid buildings and flower gardens using the same techniques that they would have 2000 years ago. The Cartununtum museum has 3000 artefacts on display, and is the most important Roman museum in Austria, built in the style of an old leisure villa. It is a true treasure! The emblem of Carnuntum is the Heidentor, a door built by the Roman emperor Constance II (317-361 AD), and is the most famous Roman monument in Austria!


Outdoor museum and ampitheatre: March-October: open daily 9am-5pm / Carnuntinum Museum: January to October open daily 10am-5pm



Address : Hauptstraße 3 2404 Vienna Austria

Subway : S Petronell-Carnuntum or Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Bus : Stop: ATN Petronell Achäologiepark

Phone : +43 216333770

Fax : +43 216333775

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