Cafe Votiv - Vienna

Café Votiv offers a friendly atmosphere, excellent coffee, delicious dishes and a large range of beers, wines, cocktails and other drinks. It is a cool place and attracts lots of students, who arguably spend more time here than at uni! A large garden behind the university with great views of the Votivkirche makes this café a great place to come and daydream and forget about the stresses of daily life!


  • Beef steack with a spicy peppercorn sauce and chips / Sachertorte
  • Fried dumplings with onions and eggs with a green salad / Homemade Kaiserschmarren (similar to crêpes)


Open monday-friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, sunday 10am-9pm

Address : Reichsratsstraße 17 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schottentor

Bus : Stop: Schottentor or Landesgerichtsstraße

Phone : +43 14065913

Fax : +43 14065913

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