Cafe Restaurant Landtmann - Vienna

Do you want to spend an evening at the Burgtheater? Why not make the evening complete with a trip to Landtmann either before or after the show to be transported to another world by this elegant Ringstraβe style café? The guest book is filled with famous names such as Oskar Werner, Max Reinhardt, Marlene Dietrich, Thomas Mann and Gary Cooper. The Viennese pastries in the windows aren’t just a delight for the eyes- they taste delicious! If you want something hot, then high quality Viennese cuisine is available, although it does come at a price! In the summer there is a lovely little garden with a great view of the Burgtheater.


  • Viennese style chicken and chips: pieces of breaded chicken and chips with parsley potatoes
  • Tomato and Mediterannean herb couscous with chanterelle mushrooms and grilled prawns


Open daily 7.30am-midnight

Address : Doktor Karl Lueger Ring 4 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schottentor

Bus : Stop: Rathausplatz/Burgtheater

Phone : +43 1241000

Fax : +43 15320625

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