Cafe Hercules - Seville

Cafe Hercules is a small bar located in the Alameda area of Seville. Its interior is original, the staff friendly and the clientele is quite young and diverse. You will be immersed in an intimate bohemian atmosphere and you can enjoy your beer, cocktail or coffee whilst nibbling on small Andalusian appetizers. The bar also has an outdoor terrace which is very pleasant during the summer months. Cafe Hercules is usually busy and it is not uncommon for there to be customers outside in the street, which is always swarming with people.


Every day from Midday til Midnight and until 2am at the weekend.

Address : Calle Peris Mencheta, 15 41002 Seville Spain

Bus : Lines C5, 13, 14

Phone : +34 95 490 6377

Map :

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