Buchhandlung Mora - Salzburg

Time seems to have stood still in Mora bookstore on the Residenzplatz in Salzburg. Old tables, original shelves that have been here since this historic shop opened and stylish vaulted ceilings all leave their unique stamp on the interior of the business opened by the Mora Family in 1908 and taken over by Dr. Harald and Mrs. Franziska Ronacher in 1992. A curving wooden stairway leads to the first floor, where visitors are invited to sit and read their purchases. They have a vast selection of books from a broad spectrum of genres, with special attention being given to local authors. Those with little ones should not miss the wonderful selection of childrens classics on offer. A truly charming bookstore, a must for all bookworms!

Address : 2 Residenzplatz 5020 Salzburg Austria

Bus : Old Town

Phone : +43 662843620

Fax : +43 662848890

Web : http://www.mora.at

Email : office@mora.at

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