Boqueria Market - Barcelona

The people of Barcelona use to say that what cannot be found in the Boqueria cannot be found elsewhere. The Boqueria is the most famous market in Barcelona and undoubtedly one of the best markets in the world. With its 6,000 square metres of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and all kinds of specialities, the Boqueria is the biggest European market. At its beginning, as far as the XIIIth century, it was a travelling market. Some documents, according to which the presence of meat stands next to the Boqueria square were testified, were found. Some places and avatars (Spanish cartoons) marked the market's history until 1840. The construction of the covered market of San José in the Boqueria started on the 19th of March of the same year, Saint-Joseph's day. In 1853, fourteen florists paid for stands in the market, officializing the place and marking the origin of these merchants' presence on the Rambla. In 1914, took place the inauguration of the covered market, after a few aesthetic and sanitary improvements. It is a square composed of porticos, ionic columns and modern style stained glass windows. The writer Manuel Vasquez Montalban praised the market of Boqueria. Not only did he praised the products' quality but also the human character of this place. The Boqueria is a real pleasure for the senses because the blend of colours, aromas and sounds makes this market a very special place.

To do: Spoil your senses with all the colours, scents and aromas; Close to Joan Miro's ornamental tiling, the flower market, the Virreina palace, Plaça Reial, la Rambla.


8h - 20h30



Address : 89, La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Phone : 34933182017

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