Boboli Gardens - Florence

The Boboli gardens were designed to occupy the area behind the Medicis' Pitti Palace. As the first formal Italian gardens, they caused an absolute sensation throughout the royal courts of Europe at the time. Set in a vast park, you'll find yourself walking through an open-air museum exhibiting statues dating back to both Antiquity and the Renaissance, along with grottos and fountains. In addition, as the grounds extend to the Boboli Hill you'll also have a lovely view over the town.


Open daily from 8.15am, except the first and last Mondays of the month, and public holidays. Open until 7.30pm in July and August. Open until 6.30pm in April, May, June, September. Otherwise, open until 4.30pm.


6€ including admission to the Costume Gallery, Silver Museum, Porcelain Museum and Boboli Gardens, concessions: 3€.

Address : Piazza Pitti 1, Palazzo Pitti 50125 Florence Italy

Bus : Line D : Bus stop PITTI - Lines 36, 68 : Bus stop SAN FELICE or ROMANA

Phone : +39 55 594 104

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