Billabong - Vienna

Every moment you’re in Billabong is like being on holiday in Australia! Kick back, relax, pig out and dream of Australia! The food and atmosphere makes this little slice of Australia in the city a great place to be! Why not try one of the sun soaked cocktails, an obligatory pint of Fosters or some unique outback cuisine? Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a bonza time at Billabong!


  • Chicken and mushroom gratin in puff pastry with potateoes and vegetables
  • Australian style roast chicken: Chicken breast with tomato sauce bacon, melted cheddar cheese chips and salad


Open Monday- Thursday 10am-2am, Fridays 10am-4am, Saturdays 4pm-4am, Sundays 4pm-2am

Address : Parkring 4 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stubentor

Bus : Stop: Stubentor

Phone : +43 15121008

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