Belfry - Bruges

The great Belfry was built between the 13th and 15th centuries and rises three floors above the Marketplace (Markt). It is a symbol of communal freedom, a sort of re-embodiment of the castle tower, which once represented the power of the Lord. The Belfry not only marks the independence of the Flemish middle classes from feudal power: the bells at the very top of the tower indicate it also stands for independence from the Church. Before the Belfry was built, it was only church bells that marked each hour and gave rhythm to the day. To improve on the traditional church bells, the Flemish built marvellous carillons which could play melodies in complex harmony. The Bruges Belfry’s carillon is made up of no less than 47 bells, which are rung every quarter of an hour. Bell-ringing concerts are also held on Sunday mornings. If you feel up to it, you can climb all the way up the 366 spiral steps of the belfry, where you will be rewarded with a chance to see the carillon up close, as well as with a unique view over the city.


Tuesday- Sunday, 9.30am- 5pm


Individual : 8€ / Groups (min of 20) and pensioners : 6€ / Young people aged 6-25 : 4€

Address : Markt 7 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : All lines except 23, bus stop Markt

Phone : +32 50 44 87 11

Fax : +32 50 44 87 78

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