Basilica di San Lorenzo - Florence

Behind the very austere Preroman façade of the Basilica of San Lorenzo is one of the most significative work made during the first Renaissance. The project of renovation of San Lorenzo started in 1418. Filippo Brunelleschi, recommended by Averardo de Médicis, took care of the project in 1421. Brunelleschi wanted to have the purest brightness. His view of the space composition is very innovating. The edifice that was built on a conventional latin cross plan was changed into a centralized plan church. The decoration is in accordance with the new space organization. It was perfectly studied to create refined chromatic effects with the grey "pietra serena" elements and the white walls. The building gives an impression of lightness and purity.

To see: the inside, Sagrestia Vecchia, the pulpit, Cappella Maggiore, ancient sachristy (difficult to visit), San Lorenzo Martyr, Fiorentino virgin's wedding, the cloister. Close to: Borgo San Lorenzo, Laurenziana library, Piazza del Duomo.


10h - 17h



Address : Piazza San Lorenzo Florence Italy

Phone : 39055214042

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