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The gothic district is the oldest part of the city. There you can find traces of Barcelona's roman past. The Santa Jaume square was built on the site of the ancient roman forum and has kept its political centre role. You can find the city hall and the Palau de la Generalitat, the headquarters of the government of Catalonia, a magnificient gothic edifice with a Renaissance façade. The Carrer del Bisbe leads to Plaça Nova. There is the Portal del Bisbe which was formerly called Porta Praetoria. The two towers have been renovated several timse since their construction, between the Ist century and the XIXth century. In one of the towers, there is a remain of an arch of the roman aqueduct. In the Carrer de Santa Lucia is the Casa del Ardiaca (House of the Archdeacon), a mansion built during the XVIth century and renovated in the XIXth century. The building has two nice Renaissance style elements: the gate and the yard. The yard's palmtreewas planted in 1870. The Carrer de Santa Lucia leads to the Pla de la Seu. There are two XIVth century edifices: the Casa de la Pia Almoina which housed an institution dedicated to the support of the poor and the Casa del Degà attached to the Casa del Ardiaca in 1870. Opposite these buildings is the cathedral of Santa Creu built in the XIVth century. The façade was finished in the XIXth century. Walking in the gothic district is very pleasant with all its streets and buildings which are the memory of a maedieval urbanism that lasts in this modern cosmopolitan city.

To see: the Roman vestiges, the gothic buildings; To do: visit the City's History Museum, the Diocesano museum, the antique shops, the bookshops, eat in one of the tapa bars.



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