Bargello Palace and Museum - Florence

This magnificent Gothic structure was built in 1255 as a residence for the 'Podestà', Florence City Council's highest ranking magistrate, and then became home to the 'Bargello', or Chief of Police. It is crowned with a slender tower which contrasts with the solid appearance of the building. It is home to the city's largest collection of Italian Renaissance sculptures. Particularly notable works include the Drunken Bacchus by Michelangelo, David by Donatello, some lovely sculptures by Verrocchio, as well as Brunelleschi's sketches of the Baptistery doors.


Open daily, 8.15am- 2pm


4 €, concessions : 2 €

Address : Via del Proconsolo 4 50052 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines C1, C2 : Bus stop GHIBELLINA

Phone : +39 55 594 123

Fax : +39 552388756

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