Barceloneta - Barcelona

The Barceloneta is a popular district situated between which the town centre and the beach which deserves to be seen. Barceloneta's district is a consequence to the construction of Philip V's citadel. To achieve the project, 1,000 houses of the Ribera district had to be brought down. Hence, all the Ribera inhabitants had to be rehoused so they went to settle on the land created after the construction of the harbour's pier in 1474. The first project of the new district was conceived by the military engineer Prosper Verboom in charge of overseeing the citadel's construction in 1718. Finally, another project came over in 1753 under the direction of another militay engineer Juan Martin Cermeno who conceived an orthogonal layout with 18 streets, 15 of which are parallel to the seaport and 3 side streets as well as 2 squares. The houses could not have more than two storeys because of the projectiles launched from the citadel. With the XIXth century architectural modifications, the original aspect and height of most of the buildings were altered. The Barceloneta is an interesting example of the baroque urbanism. The district became later the headquarters of sailors and fishermen. The harbour activity spread around the mid-XIXth century thanks to the setting up of metallurgical industry, gas industry and shipyards. The district's atmosphere still keeps some traces of its past and gives the place a singular identity whichmakes people think that it is a city inside the city of Barcelona. The Barceloneta has a profoundly mediterranean nature with all the clothes hanging on the windows over the streets that reminds Naples' streets. Gastronomy is very famous in this district. You can order so many different kinds of tapas with fish and seafood. Another good thing is the beach, crowded after working hours, is very close.

To do: sunbathig on the beach close to the city's bustle, walk in the district, visit the Passeig Maritim and its seafood restaurants, ride a Golondrina, boat cruising along the city seashore, taste the district's speciality, bombas (potato balls stuffed with meat and chilly sauce)



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