Barcelona Aquarium - Barcelona

For the kids and grown-ups' delight, the Barcelona Aquarium opened in 1995. It is one of the best aquariums in the world and has more than 35 tanks and pools, 450 species and 11,000 "inhabitants". A 80 metre gallery goes through the Oceanoarium, the most spectacular of the aquarium's tanks, where you can observe some of the most frightening species living peacefully with other kinds of fish. You can also find pool reserved to tropical and mediterranean species. Amidst the weirdest "inhabitants" are the sea dragon, strange creature similar to sea horses, the moon fish, singular animal with circular forms. The aquarium organizes several activities for kids and grown-ups.

To see: the gallery under the oceanoarium, rare species; Close to: Port vell, Maremagnum, mirador of Colon.


9h30 - 21h
Closed week-end and bank holidays
june to september at 21h30
july and august at 23h



Address : Moll d Barcelona Spain

Phone : 34932217474

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