Baldovino - Florence

Baldovino is more than just a wine bar, it is a hit concept. In 1994, the bar’s Scottish owner arrived in Florence to learn Italian, and was so enchanted by the city that he decided to stay. Along with his wife, he founded a niche restaurant that offered not only traditional Florentine cuisine and pizzas, but also a fusion of different types of food. The couple later opened a wine bar across the road and today the two establishments are appreciated by Italians as much as by tourists. Head to the Piazza Santa Croce, take a seat on the terrace, and simply enjoy life, whilst sampling wines from local Tuscan vineyards.


Open lunchtimes and evenings, Tuesday- Sunday

Address : Via San Giuseppe, 22/r 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Line C2 bus stop ""Teatro Verdi""

Phone : +39 55 241 773

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