Badia Fiorentia - Florence

The church is part of a Benedictine monastery fiunded in 978 by Willa, mother of Marquis Ugo di Toscana. In 1285, the temple was probably renovated by Arnolfo di Cambio, the architect of Duomo in Florence. It was at this time that the apse's position was changed. Later, in the XIVth century, the convent was enlarged. The church tower or hexagonal campanile was built in early XIIIth century. The Chiostro degli Aranci (Cloister of Orange trees), made by Bernardo Rossellino, has frescos depicting the life of Saint Benedict. They were made between 1436 and 1439 by an anonymous artist. In 1627, the church was refurbished once again. The plan and the aspect of the Badia radically changed and have remained like this until today. Inside you can observe funeral monuments from Quattrocento made by Mino di Fiesole for Ugo di Toscana and Bernardo Giugni. After the entrance, on the leftside, there is one of Filippino Lippi's masterpieces, L'apparizione della Madonna a San Bernardo. Opposite, a delicate relief, the dossale made by Mino da Fiesole, deserve a few moments of contemplation. On the walls remain fragments of frescos from Trecento.

Address : Florence Italy

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