Austrian Museum of Traditional and Popular Arts - Vienna

The Austrian Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions takes pride of place among the great European cultural museums. It brings together unique collections concerning old Austrian popular culture, and those of its neighbouring countries. The ground floor exhibition presents an overview of popular culture before the modern era, and outlines the treasures in the museum. It was founded in 1895 by Michael Haberlandt and Wilhelm Hein, civil servants from the prehistoric-ethnographic department of the Naturhistorisches Museum. The collections that you can admire here take in all aspects of the old Austro-Hungarian empire, as well as objects from other European regions.


Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm


2 – 5€, free entry for under 19s*

Address : Laudongasse 15-19 1080 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Rathaus or Alser Straße

Bus : Stop: Laudongasse/Kochgasse or Lange Gasse

Phone : +43 14068905

Fax : +43 14085342

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