Augstine Friars' Church - Vienna

The Augustinerkirche is a Gothic, Roman Catholic parish church. Today it is part of the Albertina wing of the Hofburg. At the time, it celebrated many marriages of the Imperial court, for example that of Marie-Theresa of Austria and François I of the Holy Roman Empire, that of Sisi and François Joseph I of Austria, that of Princess Stephanie of Belgium and Rudolph of Austria, and that of Marie-Louise of Austria and Napoleon I. You should not miss the tomb of Marie-Christine of Hapsburg-Lorraine, which was built between 1798-1805 by Antonio Canova, and the Sacred Heart Gothic chapel, which was built in 1337. In the church, you will also find the famous “Herzgruft” the cave of hearts, where the hearts of 54 Hapsburgs are guarded in silver urns. Nowadays, the church also has two large organs, which gives the church great importance in the musical world- it was here that Franz Schubert directed his orchestra in F Major, and Anton Bruckner presented for the first time his Mass in F Minor.


Open daily 6.30am-6pm


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Address : Augustinerstraße 3 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Herrengasse or Karlsplatz

Bus : Stop: Albertinaplatz

Phone : +43 153309470

Fax : +43 15330947150

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