Archives of the Indies (Casa Lonja) - Seville

The three buildings which make up the Casa Lonja represent a remarkable monumental ensemble in the very heart of Seville. Under Philip II, this was the commodity exchange, where merchants and ship-owners gathered. King Charles III then set up the General Archives of the Indies here and included all the documents relating to the discovery of the New World. This collection still represents the most significant source of information on America and the Pacific from the 16th to the 19th centuries. One can see manuscripts and objects that belonged to Hernan Cortes and Pizarro, the conquerors of Mexico and Peru, and Magellan, the first explorer to travel round the world. The famous Tordesillas Treaty, by which Spain and Portugal divided up the world in 1494, is also in the collections.


Open to visitors from Monday to Saturday: 10am to 4pm. Closed on Sunday.


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Address : Avda. de la Constitución s/n , Avenue de la Constitucion, 3 41071 Seville Spain

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