Aqua Terra Zoo - Vienna

The Meeres Haus, the ‘house of the sea’ displays different types of fish from the tropics, the Mediterranean sea and local waters. In the Tropenhaus (a greenhouse which contains an artificial tropical ecosystem) and the Krokipark you can admire birds, monkeys, crocodiles and other animals that usually live in this habitat. In the terrariums giant venomous snakes, iguanas, leaf cutting ants and spiders await you! If you prefer your adventures to be a bit less wild, check out the rooftop terrace, from which there is a beautiful view of Vienna’s sea of houses!


Open daily 9am-6pm, Thursdays until 9pm


4 – 12.50€

Address : Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1 1060 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Neubaugasse

Bus : Stop: Neubagasse or Haus des Meeres

Phone : +43 15871417

Fax : +43 15860617

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