Antiguedades - Seville

The Antiguedades bar is located on a street adjacent to the Cathedral in downtown Seville. The bar is located in an old house and its atmosphere is worthy of Halloween: the decorative objects, which are somewhat surprising, were made by the owner: skeletons, decapitated heads, spiders and strange dolls hang from the ceiling, casting their eyes over you... The bar is quite large but there are few seats and it tends to fill quite quickly, with a local clientele as well as tourists, who come for a ""chatear"" (chat) with friends. The staff are friendly and the menu offers a wide selection of vodka. The Antiguedades is another place to visit!


Every day from 8pm to 3am and 4am at the weekend.

Address : Calle Argote de Molina, 40 41004 Seville Spain

Bus : Line C5

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