Annette of the Well - Bruges

If you find yourself walking down Carmerstraat (Carmelite Street), do not miss the chance to stop off at number 84 to have a look at a colourful little monument called ""Annaatje van het putje"", or Annette of the Well. The young girl depicted on the right lived during the 18th century. The story goes that one day she fell down a well but didn’t drown, thanks to the intervention of a statue of the Virgin Mary that you’ll see on the left. This popular monument was erected in 1760 to commemorate the miraculous event. It is evidence that anecdotes such as this one, though seemingly a minor event in the city’s history, can endure for centuries.

Address : Carmersstraat 84 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Line 16, bus stop J Dooghelaan

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