Angie's Pub - Florence

Located on Via de Neri, across from Via dei Rustici, Angie's Pub is sure to please travellers who are looking for an authentic glimpse of daily Florentine life. The pub is not exactly chic or trendy, but its rustic charm means it’s well-liked, and a great place to meet laid back people. The drinks menu is not extravagant either, only offering a small selection of beers, cocktails and soft drinks. But after all, sometimes it’s easier to just order your usual beer, rather than having to deliberate over an overly complicated menu. Head to Angie’s if you need a break from Italian chic, and enjoy the latest live sporting events. If it’s company you’re looking for, you won’t find it too difficult to meet like-minded folk here.

Address : Via dei Neri, 33 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines B, C, 12, 23

Phone : +39 55 283 764

Map :

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