Alfalfa - Seville

If you're looking for old furniture, tapestries, paintings, ceramics or old artistic items, then the Alfalfa area is for you! Walking down the narrow streets you will find many antique shops offering a selection of African, Egyptian and Aldolusian arts. If you go to Cabeza del Don Pedro, you will find very nice items including unique and authentic furniture. There are many antique treasures to be found and the merchants are very welcoming, and are more than happy to give you any information you need. Accessory and decorative shops are also present in abundance here in Alfalfa and it's a great place to find typical Sevillian souvenirs. The area also has some lovely bars and restaurants (especially next to the Cathedral), which are great for a rest from shopping whilst watching the world go by.

Address : Calle Cabeza del Don Pedro 41004 Seville Spain

Bus : Line C5

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