Albergasse 39 - Vienna

Its one of those evenings… you don’t want to stay in, but you want to feel at home… you want to eat something delicious, but you can’t be bothered to cook…you want to meet your friends, but in a cosy atmosphere with style and charisma…you want to drink a cocktail, but it has to be the best cocktail in the city…you want to listen to music, but not the usual stuff…you’re looking for truth…in a good glass of wine…you want to talk to someone, but someone who will understand you.. Its on these nights, you should head to Albertgasse 39!


Open Monday-Saturday 4pm-2am

Address : Albertgasse 39 1080 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Josefstädter Straße

Bus : Stop: Florianigasse

Phone : +43 14020339

Fax : +43 14020333

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