Afro - Salzburg

If you like to walk on the wild side, Afro Café is definitely the place for you. This kooky little café is a celebration of all things African and a riot of colours and smells to delight the senses. During the day it is a quirky coffee bar, with hot food served throughout the day and well into the night, where you can also pick up bags of your favourite blends to take home and share (or not!). In the evening the cocktails come out in this kitsch African themed bar. Who could resist kicking back with a refreshing Ouagadougou Melon cocktail and unwinding to the African beat? They also have a wide variety of spirits, beers and long drinks available. A word of caution, if you overdo it on the cocktails here, its probably best to avoid for your morning after caffeine pick me up- fuchsia walls do not a happy hung-over person make!


Open daily from 12pm-4am

Address : 5 Bürgerspitalplatz 5020 Salzburg Austria

Phone : +43 662844888

Fax : +43 662844888-44

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