5 Tavoli - Florence

The name of this bar alone, which translates as ‘The 5 Tables’, suggests that it may prove difficult to find a seat here at the weekend. This is all the more true because the bar is located in the historic heart of Florence, so it is very popular amongst locals and tourists. Make the most of being on holiday: not being tied to the office means you can arrive early for Happy Hour, which kicks off at 3pm. There’s such a wide variety of cocktails and beers on offer here that you won’t have any problem in staying for several hours. If you’re feeling peckish, why not order one of the Mexican speciality dishes that are also available? Come along and discover for yourself why the 5 Tavoli is quite so popular!


Open daily, 12pm- 3am

Address : Via del Sole, 26/r 50123 Florence Italy

Bus : Line C2 bus stop ""Logge Lopoldine""

Phone : +39 55 294 438

Web : http://www.i5tavoli.it/

Email : i5tavoli@doweb.it

Map :

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