17th century Bourgeois Houses - Bruges

Sint Jacobstraat (St James Street) is flanked by numerous bourgeois, or middle class, houses. Stop off at number 27, where you’ll see the date of the house’s construction, 1639, inscribed on the gable of its handsome brick façade. The house is a masterpiece of harmony and balance, with a large, central rectangular window and two round bull’s-eye windows on either side. If you look above and below the windows you’ll see wide horizontal strips of white stone which cross the width of the building and draw it all together. The overall appearance of the building is very Renaissance in style. However the decorative jewel in the crown is of course the central doorway on the ground floor. In the midst of the simplicity of the façade, this feature stands out with an abundance of sculpture that is so characteristic of the 17th century Baroque movement. The whole doorway contrasts strongly with the rest of the facade and that’s the sheer beauty of it.

Address : Sint-Jakobsstraat 27 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Line 3 or 13, bus stop Sint Jacobskerk

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