China as huge as it offers a discovery of world, every province, every city is unique for the beauty of its treasures and originality of his visit. Xian is one of the greatest historic cities. It was the capital of the empire for over 2000 years. Arriving at the scene, visitors are entitled to a range of tours as incredible as each other. Things to see and do in Xian: The province of Xian is a rich historical treasure that offers visitors. There are several sites to visit during a stay and sometimes the choice is crucial if one account spend a few days. Some are really essential: - https://www.cityzeum.com/xian-larmee-de-terre-cuite-7750 The buried army of the First Qin Emperor: it was not until 1974 that a peasant digging a well made this incredible discovery ... a discovery which dates from 221 BC., when the Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin dynasty was establishing its empire. Besides this discovery is not far from the mausoleum of the emperor. In total, 6,000 soldiers on an area of ??14,260 m² were discovered - The Great Pagoda of the Wild Goose: this monument is in the temple of the Great Grace Preschool, it is regarded as an iconic symbol the city. Do not forget to climb to the top to see this panorama that awaits you - The forest of steles: Confucius Temple located on Sanxue Jie. It has a professional art museum that offers to discover different sculptures and steles. - The walls of Xian: those of the city of Xian are the oldest of all the Chinese empire. These walls date back to 904, when the Tang capital was moved and built new city. They have been renovated several times most recently in 1983. Today, they are bordered by a