Washington, DC

Washington, Columbia is the federal capital of the United States and is home to many American institutions. The city of Washington has several tourist attractions and historical monuments as a national library, that of the United States Congress. Tourists will be surprised of the landscape and the urban organization that make it a separate city. The heights of the buildings, the cobbled streets of flowers, various types of public locomotion modes of the city, shopping malls, large Gothic churches in a highly industrialized world give a typical picture of the city. Things to see and do, or sleep in Washington DC. We all have in mind the images of Washington, the capital of the United States, whether by information or by American films, who has not seen the Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument , real corridors of modern world power and a symbol of the nation's richest and most powerful in the world. But Washington is not just the seat of American institutions, even if the capital is not known to be a hectic city like New York, this is changing, the city is more cosmopolitan and open, and gradually becomes a world-class metropolis, not just a place where there are offices. In short, do not just sightseeing, go on an adventure in the city and taste the dynamism and diversity of the street. Do not miss the historic Georgetown, full of beautiful old colonial houses. Regarding accommodation, most tourists stay near the Smithsonian because there are many restaurants and lively nightlife. Capitol Hill is a great location to stay, with good restaurants and many bars. For something very upscale, prefer the West End, quartie

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