In the north east of France, in the heart of the Lorraine region is a department that hides its charm: the Vosges. Having a good eventful history, the department has changed several times until you have recovered once and for all its territory in 1919. From the wilderness, landscapes breathtaking and very important historical monuments: Welcome to the Vosges. Things to see and do in the Vosges: Visit the Vosges is a pleasure for everyone. The nature lovers will find their account, large and small, with family or friends, there is always a corner to visit. The Fraispertuis park: essentially of attraction for children, this park was elected in 2004 best French family park. It contains many attractions with a general theme of the Wild West. It is advisable to spend a day with family or friends by browsing the attractions of this park. There are water rides such as Pirates Attack, the Flum or the Adventure River. There are also thrill rides: the cavalry, cactus or sombreros. Children measuring less than one meter are admitted free. archeology lovers, the Vosges have much to offer. A visit to this department necessarily imply a visit: the Archaeological Museum http://musee.liffollegrand.pagesperso-orange.fr/topic/index.html Liffol-le-Grand: containing a large collection from the archaeological excavations in the region, this museum will delight all lovers of archeology. Traces of prehistoric times dating back to the Paleolithic. The Gallo-Roman collection is breathtaking, water and sun sanctuary, rare artefacts and impressive mosaics are waiting for you. For to

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