Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, it is the cultural, economic and political. Former imperial capital, Habsburg Vienna chose to establish their being there, thus the city prospered and became this great elegant city with Baroque architecture and new art that we know today. All the historic city center is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Vienna, a city fascinanteDans the list of European capitals as a quality tourist destination Fig Vienna. Admittedly, the Austrian capital will not supplant Venice as a romantic city, but it has nothing to defend. A trip to Vienna can be a great gift idea for the occasion of Valentine's Day for a romantic getaway. Vienna is well known for its history and culture through its cultural and historical heritage. A hundred palace, many museums, twenty castles located there. The Viennese tourism is mainly based on cultural tourism. However, the Austrian city does not remain in the past. Vienna also offers a more trendy face, more arty ..; A city that is trying somehow to exceed the weight side of a rich past. In some areas of the city opera, classical and lyrical music and electro trying to get a place. Vienna has always been and will remain an inspiring and inspired city, a city of creativity that inhabited the great artists like Gustav Klimt, Rembrandt, Raphael, Mozart, Strauss ..; The city crossed by the Danube is particularly active in terms of cultural events. The cultural life is particularly dynamic, Vienna must be the best place in the world to listen to classical music, given that it is the cradle of classical and lyrical. In addition, the Austrian city also offers a variety of cultural programs: dance shows, exhibitions, cinema, dances

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