Versailles, after having long been a royal city, has become an upscale suburb west of Paris. The city was created under the will of Louis XIV, who installed his power here. This results in the unique castle of Versailles, which is now among the highest places in world tourism! Impossible to describe the rich architecture of this building in a few lines. If the castle is beautiful, the park surrounding it nonetheless is remarkable for the garden masterpiece to the French, while symmetrical order. The Palace of Versailles raise of course the most attention, although the city itself also has some interesting sites, such as a ride in Antique district, or the teeming market our Lady of Versailles. Tours and tourist itineraries Versailles Versailles is world famous for its castle, you also will visit the domain of Versailles if you have a day or two. Most visitors come to excursion to Versailles from Paris. You will visit the castle itself which houses the museum of the history of France in the South Wing. You will discover: The King's apartments The royal chapel in the north wing The Hall of Mirrors in the castle park you can visit: The Grand Trianon The little Trianon The hamlet of the Queen you can stroll in the gardens, discover fountains and ponds and then continue to the kitchen garden of King. In the city, but depending on the area of ??Versailles, you will see: The Grand Commun The large stable that houses the museum of Carosses, the small team St. Louis Cathedral Chapel of the old Versailles Royal Hospital the Notre Dame des Armées the chapel of Our Lady of hope the ruins of the monastery recollets

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