Venezuela today often talk about him through his bubbling President Hugo Chavez, promoter since ten of the 'Bolivarian Revolution' 'supposed to transform the country with the huge financial windfall that represents reserves oil country. Question landscapes, Venezuela is quite well served, either in the interior where the dense equatorial forest covers the first elevations of the Andes; highest point of the country, Pico Bolivar stands at 4981 meters. Born in these mountains the big river of Venezuela, the Orinoco, which ends up into a vast delta river attracts tourist excursions including upstream to Angel Falls, the highest in the world. But do not forget that Venezuela is bordered by the Caribbean Sea: magical beaches and warm water, the coastline welcomes tourists wishing to relax. Some islands are accessible as Margarita Island and -7750 National park. Besides Caracas, the capital of which neighborhoods should be avoided, Coro, further north, is a port to the original architecture. Traveling in Venezuela Between the mountains, forests and beaches, traveling the Venezuela is not likely to be monotonous ... distant destination two weeks seem to provide a minimum to visit the country in part, without being satisfied only coastal resorts. Overall, travel to Venezuela should not be too expensive: cheap hotels