The Vendée is a lovely French department located in Pays de Loire. Popular destination for lovers of the great tunes but also passionate heritages of France, the Vendée offers an attraction, a pleasure to all of us. Simply discover the Vendée to appreciate its richness. Things to see and do in Vendée: Vendée played a big role in the history of France and up to today, it is possible to enjoy this incomparable wealth. But the Vendée it's also a unique area where nature marks a time and let the mortal we are, enjoy its beauty and generosity. Rich and diverse landscapes and a remarkable fauna and flora. For all lovers of birds, the ornithological museum in the Chaize Le Vicomte should interest you. The ornithological museum Charles Payraudeau offers a large collection of stuffed birds of Charles Payraudeau Vendeen. This personality is not anyone when we know that it is the first person to zoologist studying the Corsican fauna in 1826. These studies have led him to discover two new species of birds and 71 molluscs. The museum visit will become familiar with 400 species of birds from Europe and tropical and coqui

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