Canton de Vaud

Region Swiss matching the north shore of Lake Geneva, Vaud is bordered on one side by the Jura mountains on the other by the Alps: c here is he knows its highest peaks in the Diablerets massif, where it exceeds 3,000 meters. Another lake is located on the northern border, that of Neuchatel. The main town of Canton is Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva. The city is renowned for its quality of life and for the interest of its architectural heritage and cultural -Musée-cantonal des arts-7750. Besides Lausanne, other cities worth visiting, as Montreux and Chillon castle or Vevey, for a leisurely paddleboat After the benefits of living near Lake Geneva, you can enjoy mountain tourism joys, with permanent ski resorts, and lower beautiful forested areas for hiking, with http: //www.cityzeum .com / mount-point pelerin unmistakable view of the lake and the Swiss plateau. Discover the canton of Vaud The canton stretches from Lake Neuchatel to Lake Geneva, it is the border of the French departments of Ain, Jura and Doubs. In the east it borders the canton of Fribourg canton Bern. With the canton of Berne, Vaud is one of the two cantons of which

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