Canton du Valais

The canton Valais covers a large area of ??southern Switzerland, starting from Lake Geneva to the great Italian lakes to the east, and ends at the Rhone glacier ... in other words, a township in full chain of the Alps! Valais thus presents a difficult territory, steep, gathering an impressive number of peaks above 4,000 meters: Matterhorn-shaped tip, is one of the most emblematic. The Aletsch glacier, the largest in Europe, has been classified as World Heritage by Unesco. In such an environment, it is not surprising to find no agglomeration of importance, but rather villages of Alpine valleys, or ski resorts: the reputation of the ski area of ??the township is more to do. Peaks, green valleys, alpine culture of the inhabitants, the Valais is somehow the mountain as it is imagined ... Major tourist attractions in the Valais region. The Canton of Valais is located in the southwest of the country, around the Rhone valley between the Alps and the Bernese Alps. Valais offers an amazing variety of landscapes, glaciers, mountains, lakes, vegetation that in places is almost Mediterranean. Additionally it is a leading destination for winter sports, some of the world's best ski resorts are grouped in the Valais (Saas-Fee, Verbier, Zermatt - Matterhorn, Les 4 Vallées). In addition to beautiful scenery and ski resorts, Valais has some very beautiful villages, such as: Anzère, Fiesch, Martigny, Saint-Maurice, Simplon, Tourtemagne. Do not miss also: The monastery of the Great St. Bernard that is easily accessible in summer, it is situated on top of the St Bernard Pass. You can eat with the monks and even stay overnight. E monastery