Val d'Aoste

Small northern autonomous region of Italy, the Val d'Aosta is an important crossing point between France and Italy that the Romans understood by developing the region and its main city Aosta: there are d Besides some interesting archaeological evidence from this period (theater, triumphal arch ...). Later the region came under Frankish rule, Carolingian, Burgundy and Savoy, before joining Italy in the nineteenth century: miuex we understand why some of the inhabitants of the Aosta Valley is bilingual. Between deep valleys and mountain peaks, a multitude of towns dot the territory of the Val d'Aosta. Tourists go there for ski resorts, hiking, or visiting the many castles in the Aosta Valley: gastronomy regional will hold on plumb the visitor tried with so much activity ... stay in Valle d'Aosta. The Aosta Valley is the smallest of all the Italian regions, it is in the Alps near the Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso. The valley both in summer and winter offers a wide range of activities, climbing, hiking, skiing on the famous slopes of Courmayeur. You can find a diversified offer of accommodation, move away from the slopes to find cheap accommodation. In summer you will find available a few campsites around the Val d'Aosta. Official website of the Italian tourist office: When to go in Valle d'Aosta? Beautiful destination from the heart of the Alps, http: // www.