Straddling two continents, Turkey mix of European and Oriental influences that separate territory by the Bosphorus, where two worlds, has seen several great civilizations, each of which in turn has left traces of his greatness: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans. all participated in the current richness of Turkish heritage! Istanbul with its palaces, bazaars and mosques, Ephesus, great witness of antiquity, Izmir and its tragic history, the cave cities of Cappadocia, the spa of Hierapolis. Turkey, therefore cultural destination, but for many this is not its first asset. Let's talk about beaches, sun and sea, all bathed in a generous Mediterranean climate with its coastline, the country has made recipe in the world of seaside tourism, with the major resorts that have become Bodrum or Antalya. The combination of a favorable climate, warm sea, a large number of natural and archaeological sites and hotels are cheap enough to the Turkish coast a popular tourist destination. Turkey looks just as exciting for the more adventurous looking to stay out of the big tourist crowds: the interior of Anatolia, the Pont du shores to Lake Van and the eternal snows of Mount Ararat. adventurers will get their account! Tours and tourist itineraries Discover Turkey Turkey, one foot in Europe and one foot in Asia, is a culture rich in colors! You can enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean and the shores of the Black Sea and explore scenic from within the country especially in Cappadocia. You will find many trips organized in Turkey with a great diversity in the types of stays: spa stays, weekends, discovery tours, treks, cruises. For a weekend or a short stay in Turkey, treat yourself to Istanbul and its architectural wonders:

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