City border between Friuli Venezia and Slovenia, Trieste is a beautiful port city whose charms remain largely unknown. Its large industrial complex does not help to retain tourists, however, Trieste has a remarkable architectural heritage and a special atmosphere that combines Latin influences, Germanic and Slavic ... Must Trieste must already stroll through the historic center of Trieste, from the monumental Piazza Unita d'Italia, framed palace, with the Fontana dei Quattro Continenti at its center, to the banks of the Grand Canal and coffee shops. Many religious buildings to visit, San Spiridione in its neo-Byzantine Sant'Antonio neoclassical, di San Giusto cathedral, but the Castello di San Giusto and the Roman Theatre ... Out of town, do not miss the Castello Miramare built under the Habsburgs, then tracks ... Accommodation: where to stay in Trieste? Notice to budget: Trieste hostel is far, far away from the center! The bus is needed to get there. In the center of Trieste, hotels 2 or 3 stars and offer no shortage in all prices. Book ahead if you land in season, Trieste is an important stage town between Italy and Balkan, rooms go fast. Where to go at night ? On the Canal Grande and the waterfront, the atmosphere is quiet ride. The world comes together on the terraces of the Piazza Unita d'Italia; from the main square, many lively bars populate the small pedestrian streets of the center. Climate In summer, it's hot the day, mild evening, in short, a very pleasant time. hi

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