A hot sandstorm welcomes you at the entrance of a generous town by its nature and its inhabitants welcome Tozeur. Located in the south of Tunisia, this little town stands amidst splendid palm where the cruelty of the desert is softened by the beauty of the landscape to the horizon. Generally, the Tunisian people is known to be a very generous and friendly people by nature. And Tozeur is no exception to the rule: everyone is welcome and abroad is welcomed like a king. History of the city since ancient times, Tozeur is named after ancient Egypt or Berber according to historians. The population of the city amounts to a very old and even prehistoric times. It has expanded trade during the Middle Ages and many historians have spoken as a center of trade. Now it has become an important tourist city in Tunisia, it hosts each year tourists from around the world. Tozeur vacation to the desert Situated in the south of Tunisia, Tozeur is one of these new tourist destinations focused on the desert. Tozeur is indeed gates of the Sahara and especially the tourism offers in the desert 4x4 excursion, shipping quad, buggy ride, trekking to admire the endless expanse of hot sand and dunes. A sunset in this setting is an amazing show that you do not have the right to miss. Since