Region linked to China, Tibet https://www.cityzeum.com/escapade-au-tibet-7750 is the scene of a struggle for the independence of this country, whose government in exile as a hundred of thousands of citizens: the best known of the course remains the Dala i Lama, spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists. One of the Tibetan people's fears of assimilation and the gradual disappearance of their culture to Chinese culture, which attempts to impose imperialist order in the country. This tense situation sometimes leads to uprisings (repressed) population, and Tibet is not always a destination '' easy '': the region has yet opened its borders to visitors, but they remain in large Chinese majority. Bordered in the chain of https://www.cityzeum.com/lhimalaya-12748 the Himalayas, Tibet has some of the highest peaks in the world, and its territory is everywhere at high altitudes: Lhasa, the capital, is perched at 3650 meters! Buddhism, religion and Tibetan culture, has produced a lifestyle and an original architectural production, which besides the beautiful mountain landscape of the country, justify a Tibetan tour. Connected travel to Tibet by plane and by train to the rest of the http://www.otchine.com/ China, Tibet has become more accessible and welcomes an increasing number of tourists. Country of high mountains where distances are large (vertically and horizontally ...), however it is not yet clear to travel throughout the region on its own, unless of course, being a hardened adventurer! In fact, travel to Tibet outside the big cities and main s