The Spain and the Canary Islands are a piece of paradise! The archipelago is home to dream places, scenery breathtaking, and a fauna and a rich and varied flora. And amid this idyllic setting throne Tenerife, the highest island of the archipelago. Discover Tenerife Tenerife is the main island of the Canary archipelago, this island group off the coast of Africa belonging to the Spanish territory. Because of its size, Tenerife is probably the most touristy of the Canary Islands. Playa de las Americas is the emblematic in this respect and urbanization will not suit everyone. The decor is spectacular Tenerife: the island is steep with its center in the top of Teide volcano over 3,500 meters. To discover during walks in the national park that protects this space. Enjoying a tropical climate, Tenerife never to complain about the cold, and enjoys wildlife and fauna whose wealth is one of the reasons for the arrival of many visitors: it is possible to s embark to watch dolphins or whales near the coast; while on land bird species are numerous, and meet some endemic plant species that exist only in Tenerife. Moreover, during diving sessions in the waters of the island fauna and underwater flora are assessed at fair value. Things to see and do in Tenerife Who said island, said necessarily dream landscape: it is the case of the island of Tenerife. Nature is preserved almost everywhere on the island. Among the places to visit are: The Teide National Park Ranked National Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, this park extends over tens of thousands of hectares and hosts the Las Canadas volcano. Henceforth, hiking in the Teide National Park s' impose! If you want to contemplate breathtaking scenery, be sure to take a little trip by cable car that takes you to 3555 meters above sea level. Expect around 25 & euro; the trip to the Teide National Park.