Two cities stand out in Israel to attract tourism: Jerusalem, religious and conservative, and its antithesis, Tel Aviv! On the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv seems to live in a pleasant carelessness with tenacious idea: to party! At the seaside entertainment all the beach bars and trendy clubs of the center take over. But Tel Aviv, it is not only the fiesta continuously: the city is culturally dynamic (museums, galleries, exhibitions) and architecturally interesting, like the famous White City, classified by Unesco. Things to see and do in Tel Aviv Stroll through the historic districts, including Old Jaffa. Discover the unique architecture of the White City. Day (s) relaxing, swimming and water sports on the crowded beaches of Tel Aviv and parading on the marina. Enjoy the cultural life of the city, shopping in the fashionable boutiques, but also its nightlife completely disheveled! A Mediterranean climate and seasons climate, the big asset of Tel Aviv! From April, it's hot. Temperatures reach their peak between June and September (around 30 ° C). All the while, blue sky and sun, not a drop falls! December to February, the atmosphere remains soft but more humid climate. Restaurants and hotels: what budget? For holidays without belt-tightening in Tel Aviv, plan to hold what level budget. The cost of living is high, the price range of hotels and restaurants is roughly equivalent to what is done in France. But the temptations are many in Tel Aviv, and if you start to shop and go out every night in trendy places ... station to the bill! <