In East Africa, two large neighboring tourist destinations, Kenya and Tanzania. The latter, a little less crowded, is a waking dream for lovers of African nature: in the land of high plateaus covered with savannah to dizzying summit of Kilimanjaro, vast national parks, the most emblematic animals of the continent ( elephants, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, etc., etc.), people with exciting cultural traditions and the coast and offshore Zanzibar: a different program, because of tropical heat and sandy beaches. Things to see and do in Tanzania The Tanzanian national parks: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, the National Park Lake Manyara. large parks, Tanzania knows! A multitude of animal species, intense wildlife, memorable safaris in perspective. Zanzibar after the savannah, a tropical island known for its beautiful beaches. Kilimanjaro: the highest point in Africa, 5892 meters above sea level! Outstanding hiking to the crater for seasoned walker. Climate, seasons: when the climate from Tanzania is defined by two large distinct areas: the coast and Zanzibar, the climate is moist tropical: constant heat throughout the year, a season well-watered rains (March-May and short rains in November-December). Inland, we win more altitude in the highlands, the more the climate is tempered and become fresh. The dry season (May-October and early dry season from January to March) is sunny, rainfall is scarce. The best season to go to Tanzania extends roughly from September to December. Tips voyageursNotez the vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory to go to Tanzania; take your provisions on time! Highly recommended and indispensable preventive treatment against malaria.

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