True point between Spain and Morocco, Tangier is the gateway to the country for anyone who goes there by boat, via the Strait of Gibraltar. then landed in a busy city, as well as industrial tourism: besides passengers, wearing parade along many commodities. Beyond the port and its activities, https://www.cityzeum.com/tanger Tangier is also a pleasant seaside resort with beautiful beaches and offering a quality hotel offer. Discovering Tangier Given its geographical position, Tangier is a country of contrasts between Africa and Europe. This contrast not binding, was married and harmoniously highlighted by nature and history. Thus, upon arrival in Tangier, expect to discover exceptional places. On one side, a medina composed of traditional houses, picturesque streets with obvious oriental air. The other, a modern atmosphere and driven by European cultures. Must Tangier are many, but if it is necessary to name a few, there is firstly the Place du Petit Socco and Grand Socco. It is a question of a market situated in oeur of the city, but you can also designate it as a commercial hub. Hike the streets that are connected and allow yourself to visit the traditional and authentic shops or coffee breaks. Otherwise, enjoy all simplemen