Oblong island off the coast of mainland China, Ta iwan is known worldwide especially for the many products it exports, usually in the high tech sector. Ta iwan remain in open conflict with China, the latter unwilling to recognize the independence of the island, and always considering as part of its territory. Ta iwan refuses, continuing an impressive economic development that places it among the best performers in East Asia (among the three '' Dragon ''). Symbol of this success, the capital IPEI Ta proudly displays its modernity, represented by its high skyscrapers. But Ta iwan is also an island with areas still '' empty '' and preserved, especially inland, where to more recessed cities Ta IPEI, as the ancient capital T'ai-nan. Voyager practical Taiwan travel to Taiwan http://www.taiwantourisme.com/ takes many different facets: the atmosphere of the slice at all between the modern and active Taipei, the current capital of the island, and old, Tainan, traditional and quiet ... in addition to cities and urban, Taiwan is also lots of nature: mountains, gorges, lakes, islands and natural areas protected by national parks, in short, a dimension qu'apprécieront especially lovers of trekking and nature tourism ... It is noteworthy that before going to stay in Taiwan is not very cheap at all, particularly for the average hotel / high quality in large cities, expensive overall. The network of hostels (youth hostels) reduces expenses related to accommodation. Out of